In 2013
  • "Khishigten nuudelchin" company invested a total of 5.6 billion tugrug and imported 155 Montbelliard breed cattles, which is milk and meat combined from France, and  the country's leading "Nuudelchin farm” established  in Tuv province Arkhust sum.

    Flour mill project  successfully implemented with cappacity of  150 ton wheat and 30 ton rye processing  per day and project for the construction and equipment installation works are successfully completed in Erdenet city. The industry, able to provide 12% of the flour market, 100% of the rye market of Ulaanbaatar city, its planned to supply the products to the market  in April 2014.



In 2012
  •  “MNO” LLC has chosen as contract miner of the Tavan Tolgoi coal group deposit in Western Tsanhi.


In 2011
  • “Khishigten Nuudelchin” LLC expanded its own operations with 5000 hector of land for plantation and 255 head of elit horse ranch in order to develop new Mongolian breeding of horses

    "Erdenet flour" LLC  was established to run operation in staple food production manufacturer.


In 2010
  • "Nuudelchin Group" founded in order to organize  "Mondulaan Trade" LLC, “Arga Baril” LLC, “Ekho Khangal” LLC, "Khishigten nuudelchin" companies  and projects  by shareholders decision  

    "Mondulaan trade" LLC has began operating two separate classified geology and mining activities.  The company focuses on mining sector to discover mineral resources and monitor proven reserves in order to achieve efficiently mine hole deposit and the same time to meet environment requirements.  And "Mining National Operator "  (or MNO) LLC was established  in 2011 by Nuudelchin group LLC with their own capital in order to engage in mining solely


In 2009

    “Khishigten Nuudelchin” LLC was established in order to develop agriculture and intensive animal husbandry.  


In 2008
  • "Mondulaan Trade" LLC introduced  MNS-5917 and  MNS-5918 standards of the rehabilitation to own operation.


In 2006
  • Soil, water and mineral research laboratory was established as an extension of “Ekho Khangal” LLC in order to set “ NEW TECHNOLOGY- ECO PRODUCT- NATIONAL STANDARD”.


In 2007
  • “Mondulaan Trade” LLC jointly, successfully completed exploitation work at the gold mining field in “Ikh Dashir” area with “Boroo Gold” LLC in 2010.   


In 2004
  • We established “Ekho Khangal” LLC to run operation in  heating furnace and heat manufacturing, agriculture and animal husbandry.

In 2000
  • In 2000,  “Mondulaan Trade” LLC started its gold exploration and exploitation work as its first mining operation.

In 1998
  • In 1998, in  Mongolian national business sector in order to contribute  "Nuudelchin Group" was originated under the name of "Mondulaan Trade" LLC which was manufacturer of heat production and its distribution.