Welcome and thank you for visiting our Nuudelchin Group’s website!  We, the leaders of new generation, power of mid-generation and neat-handed collective of old generation, named as “Nomad” after our ancestors and challenges ourselves in bigger sectors of economy, such as mining, trade and agriculture, work as strong as horse, kindly and lead by our creativity. It is directly related to our works which are conclusion of wise planning, skills, possitive approaches, humanity, trustworthiness and pride.

I would like to send my greatings of the day and thank you, our clients, corresponding companies, investors, cooperators and to anyone who are interested in our business.  

Our company started the business in 1998 to manufacture heating furnace and to distribute heat, and now 14 years later, the company has grown into one of the nation’s leading groups with many successful, diverse businesses with over 700 leading employees in 6 subsidiary companies and one associated company in our collective and contributed its fine works in all sectors.   In this significant period of the country’s development, we aim to establish a humane and civilized society by virtue of a devoted and ethical business outlook.

We are proud that we initiated our operation in mining sector with our own facilities in 2000. Further, we developed management, working force, labor safety, and right approach and habit of remediation in our operation to be competitive to foreign invested companies.   Also, we operate thoroughbred horse farm and agriculture in 5000 hectare area in Tuv province. In 2012, we are planning to establish pedigreed cow farm and cheese & milk factory which will rely on the farm. All of these works are the result of our hard work and furthermore, we will diligently work to become a “National Original Pride” of the province, region and country.   

I believe that all of these are the pay of our continuous attempt to be precursor, innovator and leader on everything.   I would like to express my special gratitude to our clients, cooperators, investors and collaborators who support our employees to dedicate their contribution to the company and our company to dedicate its contibution to the country and would like to wish all the best in your business, health and happiness to you.  




Chairman of the Board of Directors:                                                   Buted Shukhert                                                             NUUDELCHIN GROUP