“Mining National Operator” LLC is a domestic mining operator company established in 2010. At the beginning, the company has conducted in the fields of market research, planning, consulting and training services. Since 2011 it has expanded its operation in terms of increasing an investment and performing as contractor for mining. Today, it has 407 employees and is implementing 3 biggest projects and operates in the fields of road and infrastructure. 
Our company has introduced and is implementing successfully efficient management and transparent governance system based on international best practices. We focus on our corporate growth and development and we strictly follow a policy aimed to continuously upgrade our capabilities and introduce latest technological innovations. We are currently using and administering number of world-class mine planning software and management tools such as:  
  • Widely used world-class mining software
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI),
  • Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)

The personnel of our company has rich working experiences in both national and foreign invested leading mining companies. They have played leading roles in mining projects of international standards along with expat experts of many reputable international companies.  

Moreover, we conducted exploration works in 2009 for mines such as “Baga Khailaast” in Zaamar soum of Tuv aimag, “Norovlin Ovoo” in Norovlin soum, Khentii aimag, and “Erdene Tolgoi” in Dashbalbar soum, Dornod aimag with own investment.  Today, we are one of the major mining operation companies that staffed with people who have over 10 years of working experience in mining industry.  


Gold – Project name 

  • Bumbat - Zaamar soum, Tuv aimag Implemented  
  • Bagakhailaast – Zaamar soum, Tuv aimag Implemented
  • Bayangol – Saltgar – Zaamar soum, Tuv aimag Going on
  • Bayangol – Burkhant – Zaamar soum, Tuv aimag Will be implemented    

Coal – Project name  

  • Baruun Tsankhi, ETT – Tsogttsetsii soum, Umnugobi aimag Going on
  • Khurenshand – Gurvantes soum, Umnugobi aimag Going on  

Address: 4th, 5th floor of Sky Plaza

 Business Center, Olympic Street 12,

1st khoroo, Sukhbaatar district,

Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia

Telephone: (976)-7575 4040

Fax: (976)-7010 4020