“KHISHIGTEN NUUDELCHIN” LLC was established in 2009. It is a national company which was launched with 100% domestic investment. 
Ever since its establishment the company runs operation successfully in fields of intensified farm, agriculture and forage production.
Hishigten Nuudelchin LLC founded a fully mechanized “NUUDELCHIN FARM” building complex that met Europe standard in Arkhust soum, Central province, circulated 4186 hectares of cultivated land and established a forage factory for our own demand. In addition, elite new species of Mongolian horse were generated and expanded our scope of work in terms of importing French “Montbeliarde” breed cows with its highly productive milk and meat. 
Scope of work 
  • To cultivate forage planation that is suitable for local condition 
  • To produce mixed and composite fodder for livestock
  • To run farming for milk 
  • To run farming for elite new species of Mongolian horse
  • To run operation in milk and milky products manufacturing 
“Nuudelchin” farm became the national leading farming complex and the first organization which increased new genetic stock of cows for the livestock throughout Mongolia in last 20 years. 
Nowadays, we have implemented the latest technology and equipment in our operation from world famous agriculture and farming companies such as Claas, Lemken, Kuhn, Manitou, Boumatic, Kocamez and Yildi in order to fully mechanize operation in agriculture and farming.  
Furthermore, we are planning to implement several major projects, to establish a factory for milk and milky products based on the “Nuudelchin farm” resources, supply liquid milk to the domestic market and to generate all species of livestock in terms of increasing heads of cows and horses and to render a complex service of training and industry in agriculture. 
To become national company that develops intensive livestock farming and broadcast the best products for customers, the convenient working place for employees and introduce green manufacturing for its operation and render a complex service of training and industry in agriculture.

Address: Rokmon building #902, Constitution -24 Street

2nd khoroo, Bayangol district, Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia

Telephone: (976)-7000 0789

Fax: (976)-11-310089


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