“Erdenet Foods” LLC was established in 2011 as a subsidiary of "Nuudelchin Group" with the full investment. A flour factory's main goal is to supply a flour and floury products to domestic demand. The factory is located in Orkhon province, Erdenet city and the project of establishing a flour factory has been implementing from 2012 to 2014.
The factory is fully equipped with the latest technology which is vertical and made by Alapala firm, Turkey. In Addition, the equipment is an eco-friendly that consumes 12 times less water and 25% less power with full-computerized system. Alapala firm is one of the world’s famous floury producing companies and have many factories all over the world.
Moreover, “Erdenet Foods” LLC flour mill produces not only rye flour but also wheat flour and becoming the first rye flour factory in homeland. It aims to supply the domestic market with 3 main produces as below:
  • Rye flour
  • Wheat flour
  • Cubed feed  and pounding fodder     
Rye flour 
The main purpose of the rye-processing factory’s technology and its operation is to distinguish the kernel of rye as purely as possible and produce a product. Rye is from bright green grey to light gray gleamed with white colour and not same as white exactly, variety of 2-25 layers of stem and for chemical element - It contains large amounts of carbohydrates and low protein.
To consume a rye flour for food that gives multiple benefits to the human body:
  • Drainage of accumulated toxic substances in the body
  • Improve a bowel movements
  • Contains low calorie, so it helps the loss of weight … etc,..there are many more benefits using a rye flour
  • Of increased defecation - gastrointestinal tract of toxic movements and effective treatment
  • It takes fluid from the blood vessel of  intestinal wall and dilutes stool and prevent drying
  • Especially by reducing the absorption of fat, - in blood fats (cholesterol) levels reduced, cardiovascular disease and to prevent blood stroke
Our country were supplied a rye flour to the domestic market from 100% Imports, but after Erdenet Foods LLC mill commissioning, its produce a rye domestically and it’s going to be the first rye flour mill to provide consumer by rye.
Wheat flour 
Even our country were supplied a rye flour to the domestic market with 100%  imports, after Erdenet Foods LLC mill commissioning it will become the first rye flour mill  that produce a rye wheat domestically and supply it to the local consumers. 
If a food ingredient has a high fiber it helps to activate intestinal activity and to prevent peritonitis. Therefore, dietary fiber is known as bowel. 
By eating high-fiber grain bread and bread products, could reduce body weight and stops obesity.
The factory’s production capacity:
  • Producing 150 tons of wheat per day. There are;
    • 117 tons of flour 
    • 33 tons of fodder
  • Producing 30 tons of rye flour per day.
  • A silos which has a storage capacity of 10 800 ton of wheat seed at one time which can clean, dry and store.  
  • A warehouse of 3000 tons of end product with 1000 m2 area.
Our mission and targets 
To supply customers with flour and floury products, produced by ecological healthy and quality of raw materials, to be leading national company that has a flexible policies on employees.
Address of industry:  Byantsagaan bag,
Bayan-undur soum, Orkhon province.
Telephone: +44 /976/ 7035 6666
Fax: +44 /976/ 7035 7038