Our Philosophy


Mongolians are proud of many traditional and cultural heritages such as folk music, horse headed fiddle, traditional ornament, ger and deel (traditional mongolian clothing). Meanwhile, we will create “National Original Pride” in Mongolian business field by seeing safety, quality and reliability as our mission in our business.  In the recent years, even there is an intense growth in business sectors there are only few companies which concentrate on safety, quality assurance and trustworthiness. Therefore, we are diligently working under united mission to create proud business.

We seek a gate to operate our business stability in long term rather than seeing profit for today. So, we fully believe that we can achieve a success by driving missions of both employees and the company to one direction. All employees of the “Nuudelchin” group will work proudly and tangibly by reflecting safety and quality assurance in their performaces outgrow to be efficeint and healthy individuals in the company and the motherland to create social responisble business.