“Nuudelchin Group” LLC was officially founded in the years of business expansion development in 2009-2010 and commenced working as group organization with its subsidiaries. Actually, the group’s establishment history is refer to 1998 as “Mondulaan Trade” LLC’s foundation for manufacturing heating furnaces and its distribution in the early beginning of market in Mongolia. Nowadays, “Nuudelchin group” LLC has developed well as national manufacturer with 6 subsidiaries and one associated company which successfully operates in economic leading sectors of home. 

These fields are “Mondulaan trade” LLC, ‘MNO” LLC and “Nuudelchin Iron Resources” LLC are in mining, “Erdenet Foods" LLC is in food industry that functions especially in flour producing field. In addition, “Hishigten nuudelchin” LLC was established in operation of mechanized farming, intensive livestock that is the agricultural leading part. 
 “Nuudelchin” group which prioritize the strategic policy on person, has over 700 skilled employees who are high educated and experienced in the latest technology, contemporary management in the relevant fields. 
Besides we strictly adhere on environmental rehabilitation, occupational safety in business performances also materializes its corporate social responsibility for the development of rural area and wellbeing of the society. The government and professional bodies appraise and support this honest working principle.
For instance, the Mongolian government and the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and Industry jointly select and announce the best entrepreneurs annually. In the recent years, the group’s business successes were greatly appreciated and the group has repeatedly awarded as one of the "TOP-150 Enterprises". Moreover, it was awarded “The Best Investor" organization by "Entrepreneur 2013" to honor the best business runners that contribute tangibly to Mongolian society and economic development, mutually organized with Mongolian Government and National Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 17th year. The fundamental selection criteria considers on particularly how developed their business in strategic appreciable sectors with own fund.
In brief, the “Nuudelchin Group” has implemented 2 (two) biggest projects in both food and agricultural industry with the investment of 20.9 billion tugrug in 2013. The first project is the Flour Mill is ranked as 4th in the country with capacity of 150 ton wheat processing per day, 30 ton rye processing per day respectively. In addition, it is establishing the first Rye Flour Mill in Mongolia.
Second project: We increased the livestock genetic fund, which has not done in the last 20 years, and established “Nuudelchin Cow Farm” in Arkhust soum, Central province by importing 155 Montbelliard breeds cattle (yield of milk-25 liter per day) from France.  
In 2014, Nuudelchin group is planning to implement a number of projects on constructions while expanding its business.
  • “Gold mining” project
“Mondulaan Trade” LLC operate gold mining and its geology- exploration, extraction and responsible for increasing the gold placer resources which is the main business of the Nuudelchin Group. They cooperate with contractor MNO LLC for the exploration. In 2013, they implemented Bayangol deposit project successfully in Zaamar Sum, Central province. They are working on Burkhantiin Am project in 2014. 
  • “Iron ore” project
The project is located in the Buregkhangai Soum of the Bulgan province and implemented by the “Nuudelchin Iron Resources” LLC. It has the proven resources of 87.7 million tones, which is ranked 4th in the country. Nuudelchin group is to implement this project among midterm and long term.
  • Cow farms expansion project
“Khishigten Nuudelchin”LLC conducts a process of “Nuudelchin farm”. The French Montbeliarde combination of meat, dairy breeds of cattle farming activities have been successful. In 2014, we’re planning to expand the farm project and add into 300 cattle and to increase the number of cattle further
  • Mechanized farming projects
By the side of cow farm, "Khishigten nuudelchin" LLC owns 5,000 hectares of land and they plant fodder plants by themselves. It’s planning to reinvest for the development about to make mechanized farming.
  • Flour to the Mongolian market project
“Erdenet Foods” LLC implements project on flour. We are preparing to introduce a package of 1 kg to 50kg flour products of rye and wheat flour to the market newly in second quarter of 2014. This rye flourmill is the first one in Mongolian market. Moreover, it’s significant that rye flour production is the first time by ourselves in the market of motherland.