“Hishigten Nuudelchin” LLC imports 155 cows from France.

Today “Hishigten Nuudelchin” LLC received 150 French Montbeliarde breed cows and 5 bulls which produces a high amount of meat and milk, 25 liter per day at the Chinggis Khaan international airport at 12:00 am. 
Within the frame of sub-program called  “stabilizing the price for main products of food” implemented by Ministry of Industry, Trade and Agriculture under the cooperation with Mongol bank, “Hishigten Nuudelchin” LLC has been implementing the project to establish cow farm since 2012 and their main goal is to supply pure milk for the citizens. 
Mr Battugs. J, CEO of “Hishigten Nuudelchin” LLC and Mr Ganibal. N, the Head of Policy Implementation Department of Livestock for Ministry of Industry, Trade and Agriculture have significantly pointed out that project for cow farm establishment was financially supported by Khan bank and the
Ministry. In addition, the company accepted also discounted loan for enterprises by governmental bond.

The project site is in Arkhust soum, Central province, 110km far from UB city and the farm has a freely herding system. The specialties of Montbeliarde breeds are high amount of meat and milk produces 25-liter pure milk a day, contains excessive protein and bull is consumed for food. The breed was previously assimilated in harsh-weathered countries as Russia. Thus, it has an assimilation for Mongolian weather condition too. 

 “Khishigten nuudelchin” company LLC is the subsidiary of “Nuudelchin group”, runs its operation in mining, geology-survey, natural rehabilitation as well as in building materials and construction also in a flour factory, in agriculture and in farm throughout the country. Finally, Mr. Battugs remarked that he is delighted to expand its operational scope with Montbeliarde breed.


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