Farmers and milk suppliers meet to discuss about milk price and quality.

“Mongolian Milk Association” organized a meeting called “Farmers and milk suppliers for UB” in March 20th, 2014. It is significant that Ministry of Industry, Trade and Agriculture and Mayor Department of the city, over 600 farmers, milk suppliers and Mongolian giant milk producers have attended in meeting. 
They discussed about many other concerns regarding the advantages, weaknesses and difficulties of milk and dairy products. Attenders requested to Mr Tuvaan. Ts, the Deputy Minister of Industry, Trade and Agriculture as well as other related authorities to solve the difficulties caused by milk price instability that depends on seasons and creates financial unsustainability for farmers. 
Mr. Battugs. J, Chief Executive Officer of “Hishigten nuudelchin” LLC has given a speech called “Modern farm development and its approach” on the example of “Nuudelchin farm” operation during meeting and it was very interesting for visitors as well. 
Additionally, Mr Tuvaan has stressed that government will support with strong policy on farmers according to his speech. 
As a result of meeting, Mongolian Milk Association was voted by milk producers and suppliers on the program which will be implemented from 2014 to 2015 regarding the coverage of their interests and supports for them. In compliance with this issue, “Hishigten nuudelchin” LLC has pointed the following requests. 
  • To implement program on improving Mongolian livestock genetic fund and increasing  milk outputs 
  • To be released by customs tax for importing the latest agricultural equipment which is required in modern farm development
  • To be released from VAT and customs tax for importing cows which has a high amount of milk outputs
  • To create a favorable conditions for milk price sustainability, not depending on the seasons 
  • To supply good milk to “Lunch” program for secondary schools implements by the government 


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