“Ulziit Ovoo" iron ore project

The iron ore deposit is located in Buregkhangai soum, Bulgan province. This deposit is approximately 220 km from Ulaanbaatar city to the north-west and 100 km away from Erdenet city. Within the frame of this project, some extreme construction and infrastructure works were planned such as 100 km paved road from Ulziit Ovoo to Erdenet city and 64 km long 110 kW power transmission line will be performed in the region. These construction works would definitely bring valuable contribution to the development of the local area.
“Micromine Consulting Services” LLC, a branch of “Micromine Pty” company of Australia  made an agreement with “Nuudelchin iron Resource” LLC for arranging the geological and exploration works in the licensed area, and defined the estimated reserve of the iron ore in Ulziit Ovoo deposit is 87.7 tons in accordance with the international standard JORC. 
The drilling work was carried out in three stages from May, 2011 to August 2012. Totally, 29 boreholes with 8898.6 meter lengthwise were drilled. The depth of the boreholes was 32 – 688.5m and two boreholes were drilled vertically and others were drilled with inclination angle of 60° to the east. 


The Ulziit iron deposit was defined as the skarn mineralized iron deposit in accordance with the survey. Some scattered and traversed rocks bearing semi massive and massive magnetite were identified in the iron mineralization as a result of the recent drilling works. 
Laboratory test was conducted at the R@D center of OUTOTEC Company of Finland. There were corried-out the following tests: 
Deposit 3D model


Labarotory test work OUTOTEC R@D Center. Finland

Performance during experiments 

  • 50 kg sample required for laboratory testing was prepared by Nuudelchin Iron Resource LLC. 
  • The sample was crushed up to  3.35 mm by the first stage crushing and was taken for Bond test. 
  • The remaining samples were crushed up to 1.18mm. 
  • Mineralogy analysis was made for the sample whose 80% was sizing 0.111mm. 
  • Davis Tube testing 
  • Wet LIMS magnetic separation was used in the testing by passing the samples through three staged crushing process. Also 80% was sized less than 0.025 mm. 
Laboratory results 
The following conclusion is made after the experimental work: 
  • In accordance with Davis Tube testing, it was proven that the iron ore concentrate with content of up to 70 percent of iron ore could be produced. 
  • It was proven that the concentrate with content of 61.4 % of iron ore could be produced from the ore with content of 24.6% of iron ore when the four stage wet LIMS magnetic separation is used.
First Phase of Investment:
  • Beneficiation Plant with Capacity of 1 million tons of 62% Fe iron concentrate p.a.
  • Overhaul Factory (Repair Shop and Services ) 
  • 100 km Paved Road of from Ulziit Ovoo to Erdenet
  • Railways Terminal Station at Erdenet
  • 64 km 110 kW High Voltage Power Line
  • 14 km Technological Water Supply Pipelines 
  • Camp for Employees with all Facilities 

Second Phase of Investment: 

  • DRI or Iron Nugget  Plant
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